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Please Send Questionaire Again

Please send your questionnaire again towards the end of February. The EcoFlow Smart Panel won't be installed until such time. As for delivery of the Smart Panel, your delivery time was five (5) STARS!

We are waiting for are electricians to wire it in as soon as it is up and running in will be happy to let you know.

Great deal and great product!

Just got my SHP set up and it's amazing! Wish it came with another infinity cable, but overall great deal and great product!

Great Quality Battery

The batteries were shipped very fast and packaged very well. I charged them up to top them off and they are ready to be used in both my RV’s in the coming spring. I used one last summer in my overland rig and it held up very well under the control of the RedArc battery management system. The quality, durability and workmanship of these batteries is unmatched. I purchased 3 more. I encourage you to watch their video…Not all batteries are created equal and you definitely get what you pay for.

EcoFlow Power Kits
Frank Vonder Meulen Greenacres Foundation
Great company!!

This has been great company to work with my orders come quickly without any issues. They are very good with technical support.


Very handy, long-lasting camping light to light up surroundings during the power outages. Glad to find those back to stock.

EcoFlow DELTA Pro + Solar Panels Complete Solar Generator Kit

Great concept but not thought out too well

CleanEarthPower was great getting this to me quickly and for a great price. But I don't think Ecoflow designed this correctly for the US market where we have vertical oriented breaker panels. The wiring harnesses provided are long enough to add significantly to the cost of this product, but not long enough to reach breakers in a standard panel or even reach a junction box. Contrary to the installation manual, it is not reasonable to attach the conduits from the smart panel side-to-side since our breakers are laid out in two columns, not rows. To keep the breaker panel as uncluttered as possible, wires must enter from the bottom (or top depending on your setup). I suggest that Ecoflow offers the box with the connectors only and no wire and let us pay for wire once, not twice. The second bigger problem I'm having is installing one relay makes three others not work. Seems like a loose connection but none found, or maybe a cold solder joint on the circuit board. Ecoflow tech support has been great in helping to diagnose this and offered a replacement but as that requires hours to install the replacement, I'm trying to get this to be more reliable. We're still working on it and I hope to have it sorted eventually. If so, I'll up my rating.

Best Price with excellent service!

Customer service helped me with my purchase of two Delta Pro's and a Smart Home Panel. No other retailer could come close to their price and attentive service!
I know that I am secure being able to run my well pump and back-up my refrigerator and freezers even if we lose power.

Loads of power in a little box

Works great. Light and easy to use.

Extra battery for Ecoflow Delta Max

It's working great and your price was the least expensive I could find.

Nice Panel.. Easy Install.. One issue

The panel was great.. Still trying to adjust settings.. One issue.. The infinity cable was defective and the instructions did not inform that an additional cable would be needed for 2nd Battery.. But, workmanship on panel was very nice..

Echo home panel

Have not installed yet

Great shipping, great customer care

This was a great experience. Shipped fast and they answered all my questions before purchasing.

Ecoflow Smart Home Panel

Arrived quickly. Best price anywhere

Great customer service

Niro helped me with my order and updated me throughout the whole process. Love the product and already in use. Thanks

How would I know haven't needed to use it yet

Dumb question at this time

A perfectly fitting bag 🎒

quick shipping and a great price.

EcoFlow Smart Home Panel Combo (13 relay modules)

Received on time

Waiting for installation

No more blues in memphis because Bluetti.

lI was a little apprehensive at first, not about the about the ac300 or the B300 that came with the 200 w. Solar panels, Im old school over (60 yrs) it was only because I needed to talk to a human being. But after talking to Niro at clean earth power ([****]. He reassured me that my money would be safe. The young man caused me to have hope in these trying times. thanks for everything Niro !

Added these 2 to my my battery bank, kind of early to tell
I'm 100% off grid and fell asleep in front of the TV the other night and still had 91%battery power in the morning


BLUETTI AC200MAX has worked great. Easy to set up and has all the power I need. During power outages to run my two freezers. Glad I turned to BLUETTI.

Easy to install. Haven't taken it on the road yet.